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The Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes is a methodological early warning tool developed to systematise the collection of information on the risk factors associated with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as well as to provide consistency in the assessment of information and the risk of those crimes. The Framework can be used by all actors involved in atrocity prevention.

Conference on Genocide and Warning Signs | IHRA

When the assessment of a specific situation points to the risk of atrocity crimes, the Special Advisers may decide to bring that situation to the attention of the Secretary-General and, through him, to the Security Council, in this way acting as a mechanism of early warning. The Special Advisers will provide timely advice to the Secretary-General on preventive action and mobilize the United Nations system and other key partners, taking into account the urgency of a situation, to enhance the collective capacity to prevent atrocity crimes, or halt their occurrence.

The 10 stages of genocide

The Special Advisers may also conduct advocacy missions to countries where their involvement is considered of particular value to address situations of concern before they escalate into further violence. There are many ways in which the Special Advisers exercise their early warning role.

Dr. Andrea Gittleman: "Early Warning Signs of Genocide in Burma: A Case for Prevention."

They can do this internally, through their exchanges with the Secretary-General, other United Nations officials and Member States, or publicly, through the media. In situations of imminent risk, the Special Advisers may provide early warning through briefings to the Secretary-General or directly to the Security Council.

Early Warning Project

They are also preventable. Studies of past atrocities show that we can detect early warning signs of atrocities and that if policy makers act on those warnings and develop preventive strategies, we can save lives.

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  • The Early Warning Project uses a wide range of data to identify countries at risk of new mass atrocities, adds the center, based at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The center will shortly release its latest Statistical Risk Assessment, which ranks countries based on their risk for new episodes of mass killing. At the same time, the Early Warning Project will update its website, including new information and interactive data tools.