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Each person has the power to choose good over evil, and the Lord has promised to help all who seek Him through sincere prayer and faithfulness. Agency and Accountability. Isaiah — Moroni Doctrine and Covenants , Doctrine and Covenants —40, 46— Doctrine and Covenants — If you like dark and gloomy with the occasional dark humour and a chocolate flavoured deliciousness then this is the place to be… Please feel free to leave a review at any time as I go back to my stories all the time and will respond.

It was a losing battle, the flames were running out of power, the oxygen was plentiful but no fuel to feed on, starved, entangled in hopelessness, they would soon breathe their last breath if something didn't happen soon, very soon… A moment of silence ensued, his sharp, trained senses picked up the deep exhale of breath that created a frozen cloud in the late autumn air outside his door. How could Vergil be so cruel, so callous, so ignorant… "My family is my concern," Dante yelled in desperation, jabbing his thumb at his chest to accentuate that he indeed was family in case Vergil failed to notice.

Vergil spoke no more. He never did after he had asked him to leave. Only now, it didn't matter anymore, nothing mattered as the unstoppable emptiness threatened to swallow his mind again and drag him under, each time further and deeper, and he found himself falling into its dark, bottomless, pulsating bowels, ever so slowly driven to insanity… Give me the strength… … to stop it, to slow it down, to withstand its insuperable pull, give me more time… But the fire was dead, the insides burnt out, leaving nothing but an empty shell that could crumble to dust at the lightest of touches, at any moment.

His eyes fell shut tight, the cold steel pressing invitingly into the pale skin of his pulsing neck, he too would breathe his last breath, he would set himself free from the wasting madness, if something didn't happen soon, very soon… If he couldn't find it… Is that… Was that…how my father felt…. Fire 2. Monterey 3. Fresh air and the other kind 4. The calm of the lake 5. Stormy waters 6. The devil himself 7. The spirit falters last 8. Snowballs and ring tones 9.

The white snow kept falling The snow fields painted red Dreams and shattered nightmares Darkness falls Sacred secrets The cure for insanity The world in my eyes The glow before dawn Close to a devil, far from evil The true faces of a devil Insanity drives evil away I wish you were my enemy You should know I forgive you One step closer to hell The final step to hell Hell, here we come!

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The greatest wish Part1 The greatest wish Part 2 And where it all began, it shall all end I follow hell Where the hell is the compass No one dies today who isn't already dead The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Yes, I believe it is a demon. Do you have paralyzing dreams or apocolyptic or dreams or dreams of murder? Does it seem like the dreams repeat themselves, of the same type but in a different format.

2. Scared Animals

I have been dealing with a demon ever since I quit using drugs. I, on the other hand was more curious than fearful which kept me from fearing him and kept him powerless against me. It got to a point to where I got on his nerves because I was constantly asking him questions about the spirit world. It irritates them. I finally turned my life over to God and have been under his protection since. I am getting ready to begin catacism classes so that I can get babtized and that will hopefully cut his legal rights.

Until then, I just have to deal with him and ask God for protection. I ran out of the room, went downstairs to tell my friend, only to lose consciousness and woke up in my friends room. Please help me Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. But that is another story. If you are at war against demons or satanic people whom are living near you. They do have certain power concerning your house or apartment IF you do not have the set apart spirit of the Almighty.

But IF you do have the set apart spirit of the Almighty abiding with you and in you…. Some may call it holy ghost or holy spirit. THen once you have received this great peace and assurance you need knowledge and allot of it. Stay in the four books of the renewed testament, and believe that YAH will defend you. I war all the time against them because I know the commandments of YAH and abide therein according to the teachings of that great prophet in the renewed testimony. Then you will have to learn the real commandments and keep them strictly so they cannot harm you.

Because HE did not take the law away as many teachers of falsehood pronounces but came to teach us how to keep it or fulfill it. Only believe! Then give the Father praise and all the glory because of His mercy to the children of light. He or she that endure unto the end shall be save. Shalom to you. My deepest hopes for your release from these demons.

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Stephen A. Some may take fasting in order to rid them. Much word much power, little word little power. I know all about the word JC. I need help. I believe in the power of prayer. Some visitors have also complained of seeing someone in that room. Can someone assist me please. I need some insight. Ive had the scratches.

Ive had the sickness and Ive heard the voices, Ive had the outburst of anger the banging on the walls and two nights ago I seen what appeared to be the devil on the wall. It was a shadow but there was no way to cast it.. Two days before the shadow appeared I saw something in the dark watching me.

Imma grown nan but i slept with the light on.. Im scared but dont know if its really happening. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour but my daughter and mother live her as well.. The only thing i have experienced in my house was a poltergeist. I asked one spirit if his name was Zozo. A male voice came through and said: No. May god be with you all. Also tell those evil demons to get behind you in Jesus name. Believed have strong faith. Particularly, anything you see that refers to Goetia or magic most certainly traces back to Judeo-Christian-influenced occultism… because authors like Aleister Crowley, S.

MacGregor Mathers, A. Waite, Eliphas Levi and the like were involved in such occultism. Sometimes when i wash my hands, it smells rotten afterwards. I become anxious in churches, like really nervous and devided attention. Sometimes i have weird dreams, also once dreamd i saw myself and felt afraid.

Anger issues have past though, since i took care of those years ago. Often enough it seemed i had random visits, still do sometimes. Sometimes my cat looks at me a bit funny, like there is something unfamiliar in my face or what a dog often does when you have a complete new haircut. People around me sometimes act differently towards me, like i have a new face.

Catholic, using Reiki, going to mediums, sage…. He is the ONLY one that will save and protect us. Repent of your sins, ask for forgiveness, believe with all your heart, and turn everything over. Pray every night for you, family, friends, etc. Pray for guidance and to see the truth. It works. I also had this happen after dealing with all these things including getting out of UFO interests.

I came across a website called ce4 research and hundreds of people around the world said the same thing. All these UFOs and hauntings when prayed against in Jesus name stopped instantly and in all cases stopped permanently. Thank God and Jesus that theres a way out of this and that is through them and obeying them and trusting them. Helping others is another big thing I noticed that helps me greatly feel good and even more at peace.

So why tell the guy to stop being a Catholic? If that brings him peace? Jesus is part of Catholicism. Get out of the Catholic church? The Catholic church is the only church that knows how to effectively deal with demons and demonic possession. I do hear voices. They are very clear to me and they call out my name.

Track :: The Devil Follows Me

I see people in my mirror. The voice is very threatening. It follows me too. While I was reading this I felt a scratch on my neck. No damage to religious stuff though. I am seeing shadows. The scratch has come again just now. I have been a believer in god since I was 2 years old. Someone, please reply. Have a priest bless your home, throw holy water on yourself. You can get blessed holy water inside of any Catholic church. It may take numerous blessings of your home by a priest before the demon s leave.

If these things do not work, have an exorcism performed on yourself. Every night when I go to bed I hear noises like tapping or knocking on my walls and doors when I look there is no one there. Then just last night I felt a burning sensation on the back of my neck and had my friend look at it she said there was 3 marks on my neck. Evil spirits feed on fear. Trust in God.

He is greater than any evil spirit. Pray to Jesus, get saved as a Christian, repent of your sins, and read the Bible. Be strong in the Lord. I lived in a 2 room condo but i slept at the living room since the first month i moved in 2 years ago. But lately even sleeping at the living room i had to switch on the lights during certain night where i feel liked im being watched. My job required me to travel a lot that sometimes my place would be empty for weeks. Sometimes my cat will stared quitely at the ceiling or walls for hours.

I came across this page now that I have some free time. Many of the replies explain some of the things I have experienced. My room is often cold. Any ideas? I also want to add that there are unusual noises at night, more than normal, which sound like popping noises, etc. Hi Todd My friend is experiencing popping noises and weird smells definitely knocking and strange noises on the ceiling and window. I have heard growling.

We are Christian and after everything you have discussed happened to myself,son, and my husband, a wise servant of the Lord told us to erase any video, audio , or pictures we had of this terrible hauntings. I am divorced and my son and I love with my parents after a terrible and exhausting divorce. About a month ago I started to hear and see things in my pictures and my house. I keep my bibles open to psalm 91 and pray aloud constant to our Saviour.

THE DEVIL FOLLOWS ME ON INSTAGRAM by planet delly | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I want to do research on the carvings and find out what demons are doing this but afraid I should just not give them any more of my time and try to move forward hoping they will just go before the full fledged hauntings happen all over again 7 years later. What do I do. Shortly after moving in I would wake up noticed my baby had been moved to the other side of the crib. He cant move himself yet and is very young he just turned 4 months. Eventually I started feeling a sort of weird energy in the apartment and heard strange noises at night and during the day.

One time I came home one morning after being away for the night to find my babys bottle of lotion cut open. It looked like it had been sliced. I seen it before in the middle of the day in the form of a shadow behind my while i was sitting on the couch feeding my baby. I am very scared and will not stay there alone at night without someone with me. All 3 of my friends that hfs been there have injured themselves after being there or a couple days after.

One had felt like they were pushed on the ice in my parking lot and the other had twisted his knee. And my other friend could barely walk as he was leaving my apartment and complaining His knee was badly hurting. I found out that in a man from Iran lived in my exact apartment and held his baby out the window, my aparment is on the 3rd floor. That same year someone who lived there went missing as well.

Dont know what to do my friends father tried to get rid of this spirit or demon but it will not go away. It plays nasty tricks on me sometimes and i can still see shadows sometimes in the corner of my eye. Any suggestions???? Makayla i hate to ask because its personal its your choice if you want to tell me but where do you live? This sounds familiar to me, if i am able to communicate with you on a distance texting level i might be able to use my empath ability to connect to you as i do with my girlfriend and her daughter over in scotland as i am in the USA iv known her since before her daughter was born.

Again though its up to you. If you want to know who i am, i am no one special here is my facebook, this goes for everyone who reads this as well, people like me are here to help and i am Christian decent. My pic should be of somthing demonic only because i like the art not because im demonic or anything. But as for advice retrain your will and mind and grow stronger if you dont I fear it could get worse or find a true priest if all that does not work im afraid you need to do extensive research on what when where why and who, from biblical demon and ghosts to cultural demons and ghosts and the land before the building was constructed or who has done what and find the solution after figuring it out.

I felt everything Kylie moss felt. Mostly he trys and control my eyes and he levitates me. He only messes with me. I felt scratches, he takes my things. He try to intrupt my prayers. I also feel sick allot. Please help me dear god. I have seen the demon. He is yellow with yellow eyes and a long nose.

Dear child pray to the one almighty god. Yeet the demons away I promise you. Say Jesus name I command thee get behind me. If u play video games that helps distract me from evil. Floss on the spirts and whip them back to hell. God is stronger then all these noob skins. He is a renegade raider and the demons are noob skins. Any questions ask me children. I feel the need to clinch my jaw! Jesus casted demons out. He never used crystals, and He gave us authority to cast them out.

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  • Read the Bible. That and this is the first time iv experienced it in months but i did have my dreams and ability suppressed by smoking marijuana which surppressed my sight for it to. No, it is not schizophrenia bub. Your choice of numbers says more about you, than it does about the ones you talk smart about.

    It everyone that experiences this has automatic schizophrenia.